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Who is Happy?

Once a Crow looked at a Swan & thought how beautiful the Swan is. She had all white feathers, whereas the Crow was black. The Crow expressed his thoughts to the Swan. The Swan replied that according to her, the parrot is the most beautiful bird as it has two colours & the Swan has just one. Next, the Crow approached the Parrot, who simply said that Peacock is the most beautiful than him, as it is multi-coloured. When the Crow expressed his thoughts to the Peacock, the Peacock replied, ‘My dear Crow you are the luckiest bird on this planet as you are never caged.’

“Because of my beauty. I am trapped in this cage & you are free.”

On hearing this, the Crow thought how foolish he has been & thanked God for making him the way he was.

Moral of the story- Never compare yourself to others. Be happy in what you are & what you have.

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