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The Unimaginable Trip

“We are here!” said the driver of the school bus and the children rushed to the door of the bus, except for Rahul. He was fast asleep!

”Hey… get up sleepy head!” said Rohan, Rahul’s best friend.

“Wha…?” said Rahul sleepily.

“We have arrived!” said Rohan. Rahul got up, and slowly got out of the bus with his bag.

While they were walking up to the school, somebody said “Hey Rahul!”. “Who said that?” said Rahul looking in all the directions.

“Nobody said anything bro. Are you sure you are fully awake? Anyway keep up, come on.” Said Rohan going ahead of Rahul.

”Yeah yeah coming.” said Rahul. But Rohan couldn’t hear as he had gone far ahead of Rahul.

“Hey Rahul it’s me! The tree beside you! Can’t you hear me?” said someone again.

Rahul looked at the banyan tree on his left with wide open eyes. “Rohan is right, I still am dreaming!” said Rahul.

“No no it’s all real. I can actually talk, and I am here to take you to our world.” Said the tree.

“Ha ha I caught you! You are Sam right? The boy who always keeps on tricking me? Well this time, I won’t fall for your trick! Come out from behind the tree Sam.”.

“No Rahul you are getting it wrong, come with me and I will prove to you that I am not a trickster boy!” and after saying that, the tree made a huge hole into itself, and sucked in Rahul!

After that, the hole just disappeared! Rohan came running back. “Rahul, Rahul! Where are you? School is going to start.” he said.

But Rahul also disappeared with that hole.

“Aaaahhh!” said Rahul as he fell onto the ground from the sky. He stood up and got completely shocked!

The place looked nothing like his school lawn! “Am I in the world of my dreams?” he said questioning himself. ”No Rahul.”

Somebody replied from behind. Rahul turned to see the same tree as in his school lawn, but with eyes and a mouth!

“Whoa! A tree who speaks and has eyes!!” he replied.

“Yes Rahul, my name is Marcus and I have taken you to the world of the talking nature and we are in the kingdom of the 15 coloured rainbows.” Said the tree.

“No way!” said Rahul look at the rainbows in the kingdom which consisted of 15 colours, but they were so faded and there were many dried up trees in the Kingdom.

The tree continued “We need Maths for our Kingdom to flourish, I brought you here so that you introduce maths in to our trading system which our minister thinks, is rigged.” Said the tree.

“But why me?” asked Rahul.

“We know that you are the best in Maths in your class and that you would surely be able to solve our problem.” it replied.

“All right! Tell me your problem.” Said Rahul looking excited.

“That you will be told by our supreme king, The King of The Trees!” said the tree and made a hole in itself through which, as last time, Rahul was absorbed.

He then again fell to the ground of the King’s court with a thump and said “Ouch! Man! I still haven’t gotten used to that.”

Just then, he noticed that he was in the front of the King, or the person who looked like the king and stopped blabbering about his fall.

Then Marcus said “O Supreme King, I present to you -Rahul!”

The King rejoiced and said “Welcome to our Kingdom Rahul, where rainbows have 15 colours and trees, plants and fruits can talk! I have heard that you are very good in Maths, so you must solve our problems in the trading system.”

Rahul replied, (having difficulty in talking to the king) “No Kidding!

This whole court is full of plants and trees with eyes! Yes umm… King… I will help you solve the problem you have so please tell me the problem in brief.”.

“Yes uh.. we think that the problem is in the trading system but we are not sure because we don’t have the subject of maths at all! But the truth is we don’t even want such complexity in our lives.” The King said.

“Mannn… no subject of maths! it is still fine if you don’t want it. Please continue.” Said Rahul.

The king then said “ Yes right… we trade our goods with the kingdom of the flying monkeys, in which, like ourselves, trees, fruits and plants see and talk, but instead of having 15 coloured rainbows, they have talking and flying monkeys! We have too many mangoes in our kingdom and they have that many apples in their kingdom.

We like apples as much as mangoes, even though mangoes are the leaders. We don’t differentiate between any fruits at all!

So, that kingdom last year said to us that they will trade something called 10 apples for 100 mangoes from us.

We didn’t understand anything so they showed us, because they do have maths and we thought it was fine so we approved.

Now since the trade has started, we have been having less and less mangoes, and fruits without their leader are drying up, and trees without any fruits are drying up too! This is leading to mass destruction.”

“Seriously? You called me for such a simple Maths problem! The worst maths student in my class could have solved that problem.

You are trading 10 times the mangoes to them! If you want to trade, then trade ten Mangoes for ten apples!!” said Rahul confusingly.

All the trees and plants rejoiced and said “Yes! We have found a solution to the problem, we will implement this right now, thank you Rahul!”

Rahul was also very happy that he had solved the problem and got to see such a wonderful world.

From behind, Marcus said “Come Rahul, I will get you back to your world.” “Oh yeah! I will miss so many classes!” said Rahul worriedly.

“No no, you will be dropped excactly 1 minute after you came, your class wouldn’t have started yet!” Marcus said.

“That is soo great!!” said Rahul going closer to Marcus so the hole being made would swallow him, and it did.

This time when Rahul was falling, he had a pretty smooth landing. He noticed that he was in the lawn of his school and that Rohan

Was looking for him on the other side of the tree, he jumped out and said “Rohan do you know what a trip I had!


Well you won’t believe it, because it was an unimaginable trip!!”

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