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The Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood lived in a hut near a forest with her mother. She always wore a beautiful red hood while going out. One day, she went to see her grandmother. On her way, she met a wolf!

Hello! Where are you going?”, Wolf asked her. She replied, “I am going to see my granny. She lives behind that hill.” The wolf gets a wicked idea. The wolf ran to granny’s house and ate her up, and got into granny’s bed.

After some time, a little red riding hood reached the house. She saw the wolf lying in her granny’s bed. Little Red, “Oh granny, what big eyes you have!” Wolf – “So that I can see you better!” Little Red – “Granny, what big ears you have!” Fox – “So that I can hear you better!

Little Red – “Granny, what a big nose you have!” Fox – “So that I can smell you better!” Little Red – “Oh granny, what big teeth you have.” Fox – “So that I can eat you better!

Oh my, God! Help Me Help Me”, little red screamed for help. Nearby, the woodcutter was in the forest and he heard the scream. He ran to the house, just to see the wolf attacking the little girl.

He hit the wolf over the head and this made the wolf open his mouth and shout. The granny jumped out! The wolf ran away and Little Red riding hood never saw the wolf again.

Moral Of The Story

Courage is resistant to fear.
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