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Raju Learns Yoga

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Can you believe that animals can teach us yoga? Well, this story is about how Raju learnt Yoga!

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Raju. His mother's name was Yasmin and she was a yoga teacher. Every morning Yasmin would try teaching Raju some yoga poses because yoga is good for health but Raju just didn't like doing yoga. His mother thought of trying something new. She took Raju to learn yoga from the animals at the jungle safari. They carried their yoga mats and set out for the jungle safari wearing yoga pants.

At the jungle safari Yasmin rolled out two yoga mats and asked Raju to pose like every animal they saw. First Raju saw one balancing monkey who had stretched his legs and was grabbing his feet. Raju too stretched his legs and grabbed his feet, lifting up a bit from his seat. Yasmin was delighted to see Raju strike a perfect yoga pose and she gifted him a yo - yo and the balancing monkey a banana.

Next they saw a cobra gliding around in the grass. The cobra lifted its head up to show its fangs. Raju struck another pose with his legs firmly touching the mat and head held high up. Yasmin helped him adjust his hands straight under his shoulders.

She also gave him some yellow bananas to eat along with yoghurt for striking a perfect yoga pose. It was an exciting day as Raju learnt yoga with the monkey and the snake.

Next Raju saw a gorilla bending back and gripping onto his heels. Yasmin helped Raju bend backwards and Raju liked looking at everything upside down.

Next Raju saw some frogs by a pond. Raju sat in the same way with his hands in the front and feet flexed (stretched)wide. Raju looked just like a frog. When Yasmin saw that she jumped up high with joy and promised Raju his favourite and the yummiest snack - yellow pineapple pie and yoghurt salad.

Finally, Raju spotted a bear. He stood with his legs together and hands stretched out." That's a perfect Y", shouted his mother in excitement and scared the bear away." /y/ /y/ Yes!" replied Raju nodding his head and laughing out loud. Finally Raju had learnt his yoga : )

Yasmin taught Raju to breathe. She asked him to inhale and exhale deeply to feel calm. Raju stood on one leg and took a deep breath with a wide smile on his face. Yasmin always thought she was a great yoga teacher but she couldn't be more thankful to the animals at the safari for being the best yoga teachers she had ever come across : )

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