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Landslide in Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh


12 Aug 2021

Landslide in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. 14 bodies recovered so far, 13 injured. State Govt will provide kin of deceased Rs 4 Lakhs each, Rs 1 Lakh each will be provided by Transport Dept. Critically injured will get Rs 50,000 each & medical expenses of people with minor injuries will be borne by state govt: Himachal CM Landslides in the himalayas is natural because of the presence of sedimentary rocks but we humans have accelerated this process by our anthropogenic activities. Recently we have heard about the landslide in the kinnaur district of himachal pradesh, this is because of the increased construction of hydro power projects that involves the massive usage of dynamites, TNT and various other explosives. Despite the fact that we need energy to run our nation and economy, we must have to take care of our mother nature too otherwise after some time in future we won't be able to get a land to construct such dams. Nature has enough to cater the needs of humans but she doesn't have enough to cater the needs of greedy ones.
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