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What is Motovlog and Why You Should Try It

A rider who creates video blogs known as a motorcycle blogger,[1][2] and the action of making motovlogs is called motovlogging.[2][3] Most motovloggers upload their videos on YouTube, and the network of motovloggers here is known as the motovloggers community.Jatt prabjhot is an best moto vlogger in the world with more than 3 million subscribers in YouTube.



There are many channels on YouTube dedicated to motovlogging. Many motovloggers do not show their face or the license plate of their motorcycle in videos. The British motovlogger, BaronVonGrumble, stated in an interview that anonymity exists to make the videos more mysterious and exciting to watch.[4]

At slower speeds and inner city riding, the generic cheap $9 Amazon lavalier microphone works just fine for motovlogging. My voice is strong and clear, with a decent amount of exhaust sound, and not too much background noise. Unfortunately, upon listening to the footage a problem became immediately obvious. With headphones on it you can tell that the mic was only recording in mono, not in stereo. There was no sound all all on one side. This was a big disappointment.

Any good motovlogger needs to purchase motovlogging equipment, starting with an HD helmet camera. This is your most important investment as a motovlogger (other than essentials like your safety gear), so you want something with great video quality that provides wide-angle viewing. GoPro is the brand that most people know, but many options are now on the market at a variety of price points.

Chances are, you already have a helmet for riding. If your current lid will allow you to attach a camera in your desired spot, then stick with it. That brings us to the first decision you need to make: where will you mount your camera? Here are 4 of the most popular places to mount your camera for motovlogging:

Go out for a quick ride, watch the video back and then make the necessary adjustments. Once you have it tuned just the way you want it, get out there and start shooting some content! If you want to follow along with my own motovlog journey, make sure to subscribe to the Canadian Gearhead Youtube channel. And if you have any tips for improving my setup, hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or here in the comments. Ride safe everyone!

His interest in riding motorcycles was because of his Tito Dennis. The first motorcycle Jmac rode was a Honda TMX 155. Through the years, he has owned a Yamaha Sniper 135, Suzuki Raider 150, Honda XR200, Harley-Davidson XL 1200 Sportster, Yamaha NMAX, KYMCO Xciting 400, Ducati Scramber Icon and a Kawasaki Z1000 which he got in 2015. He is the first Filipino motovlogger to test ride big bikes. Before, he only rides in Manila but has now incorporated out of town travels in his motovlog. With his driving and riding skills, Jmac emphasizes safety and camaraderie on the road. Jmac participated in the Cebu 600 endurance event in 2019 and joined the 2020 BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge, another great and fun experience for him on two-wheels and he got to see the beauty of the country more. He was also a participant in the Wheeltek Track Day 6 held at the Clark International Speedway last December 2019.

Behind the success of a man is a great woman. Indeed, as Jmac proudly says that one of the reasons of the success of his motovlog channel is his wife and her solid support to him. This tough-looking guy is a good family man. Jmac married his high school sweetheart and though initially they only lasted a month, they got together again after seven years when he came back to the Philippines. His wife also has a thriving YouTube Channel entitled Mrs. Jmac. It was the idea of Jmac for his wife to be a motovlogger as well. The two loves riding motorcycles and adventures. Jmac even shared that whenever they have petty quarrels, they will ride and this will and this will soothe them and resolve their misunderstandings. Mrs. Jmac supports her husband, joins him in rides and helps him in his motovlogging career in many ways.

Anyone can go out and start producing the video. However, the end product may not be as good and may turn dull in a few seconds. Why? This is because; the video is not conveying any story. A good video should be able to tell a story. It should have an original concept and not just a random video. This is what will set your motovlog apart from the rest.

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Your motovlog should always have good quality stuff that will keep your viewers glued to your channel and coming back for more. For a high-quality motovlog, start by brainstorming ideas. Create a set of bullets of what should happen in the video. Be creative and have a purpose in mind for each video. Let your viewers know why they should keep watching and then deliver on the promise. Also, be sure to ask for feedback and from your viewers and subscribers.

Mic Connector: When motovlogging you cannot rely on the inbuilt microphone on your camera. Hence, you need a camera that is capable of connecting to an external microphone for picking up the sound as you shoot. You can find our top rated microphones for YouTubers here.

Mount: Finally, you will need a camera mount. There are a lot of different positions you can mount your camera to give you different angles for your videos. However, most motovloggers prefer to install their videos on their helmets as it provides the best camera angles and makes it easy to run a microphone from your camera to your helmet.

Finally, no one woke up a pro motovlogger. It all takes a lot of practice and consistency. Take the time to practice by doing a lot of different video work so that you get to the point it becomes second nature. Do your research and get advice from accomplished vloggers on how to make great motovlogs. And most importantly, do not give up.

Consistency in coming up with new videos is yet another aspect motovloggers should focus on. When you try to grow a fan or follower base, you need to respect their aspirations. People who like your videos will be expecting new videos at a particular interval. Being inconsistent with posting the videos would make your approach unprofessional.

Brother, I also have a phone and I do motovlogging with my phone, you go and watch my YouTube channel, it is not possible that you can not vloging from the phone. Here is the link to my YouTubeJMC UK09

GoPros are the best cameras for motovlogs because they offer outstanding video quality and image stabilization. However, choosing the right GoPro can be trickier than it seems because there are so many options.

The best GoPro for motovlogging is the camera that makes your motorcycle rides more memorable and exhilarating. However, each motovlogger has different needs in preferences when it comes to the content they record.

Unlike the HERO10 Black, the HERO9 features HyperSmooth 3.0 and a GP1 processor. Although these are older versions of HyperSmooth 4.0 and GP2, they still outperform nearly every other action camera available. Therefore, the HERO9 Black is more than enough if you want to record premium motovlog footage.

The footage is clear, and the colors are dynamic in terms of video quality. This means the motovlogs you record will be lifelike and amazing enough to share with your friends and family. Your viewers will feel as if they are watching you live while you ride your motorcycle!

My Verdict: The GoPro HERO8 Black is the best bang for your buck because it offers outstanding video performance and image stabilization at a relatively low price point. However, I still recommend investing a bit more for the HERO9 or HERO10 Black if you plan on motovlogging frequently.

The GoPro MAX is the best 360 camera for unique and innovative motovlogs. This camera offers video resolutions up to 5.6K at 30fps, 2x slo-mo at 3K, 1080p live streaming, and much more. Similar to the HERO9 Black, the MAX has the GP1 processor and its own MAX HyperSmooth image stabilization technology.

This camera features two 180-degree fisheye lenses to record everything around it. Then, the MAX stitches the two hemispherical videos together to create the 360-degree video. Once you finish your motovlog shooting session, you can transfer the footage to your smartphone with GoPro Quik.

Within GoPro Quik, you can crop, edit, and share your motovlogs. This camera is also unique because it features 6 built-in microphones, more than any other GoPro camera. For this reason, it can provide an incredibly immersive experience by capturing all the road sounds.

The GoPro HERO7 Black offers everything you need in a powerful yet budget-friendly GoPro for motovlogging. First of all, it can record Ultra HD 4K videos at 60fps. Furthermore, it features a compact and durable design with excellent build quality.

This concludes my guide on how to find the best GoPro for motovlogs. Today I shared my thoughts on what makes the best GoPro for motovlogs and the only 5 options you should consider when making your purchasing decision.

The best budget camera for motovlogging is the GoPro HERO7 Black. Although it\u2019s more expensive than third-party manufacturers that aren\u2019t GoPro, it\u2019s worth investing in a GoPro camera. This is because they offer better recording capabilities and processing power than any other action camera on the market.

Motovlogging is a subcategory of vlogging that focuses on riding motorcycles. You can actually make a motovlog while riding any type of motorized vehicle, but typically, these videos are created and viewed by motorcycle riders. A motovlog is filmed from the perspective of the rider rather than a secondary person filming the person riding from a distance. There is a certain air of mystery around motovloggers as many of them purposely do not reveal their full face or the plate numbers of their bikes.

Audio is another issue when it comes to recording a motovlog because the sound of the wind and the engine will overpower any type of narration or other sounds you want to be in the video. There are several GoPro audio accessories you can use to improve your audio quality. The GoPro microphones are usually small enough that they can attach right to your body. This positioning helps to effectively capture the audio as you speak, but you should also use a wind muff to help reduce the background noise.

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